Thursday, November 27, 2008

Feeling Festive…?

I keep looking at the calendar and getting a bit of a surprise – it’s November (of course) but it doesn’t feel like it at all here. My brain is in a state of perpetual Summer as the sun is always shining and it’s always warm here. There has been the odd evening recently when I’ve felt a little wintery, but that’s usually down to the fact that it goes dark really early here – 5.30-6 ish.

I nipped to a large hypermarket for some provisions the other evening and was surprised by the huge Christmas onslaught that I saw – trees and decorations for sale, cards, wrapping paper – all the usual. It just felt unusual as the sunshine had lulled me into a false sense of non-Christmas security!

As I’m heading home in just over a week, I snaffled up wrapping paper and spent a few happy hours sorting all the presents that have been stuffed into kitchen cupboards for the last few weeks. See you at the German Markets!

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