Thursday, July 07, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Skype stylist - please apply within
I've been quiet for a few days, mainly because I'm having a hellish week, on all sorts of levels.  Rampant, bone-crushing insomnia (did Maggie Thatcher REALLY run a country on four hours sleep a night?), stress and conflict every way I turn and to top it all off, a case of food poisoning, which although not completely debilitating, is wearing immensely thin after five days.  I’m a broken woman.

When I finally made it home last night, it was all I could do to drag myself in the shower, put on a comforting pair of pj’s, and slide under the covers.  And then something magical happened.  The happy trilling of Skype came from my ipad (obviously it’s my bedside companion, for all sorts of reasons).  I’ve dipped in and out of Skype over the last few years, with a long period out due to no internet at home.  Thanks to the new ipad and getting myself organized, this is now back in full effect.

Obviously the only downside of Skype is that people can SEE you.  But what does it matter that you look like death, on the verge of tears with tiredness, your mojo all gone, when you connect to someone loves you unconditionally, has known you for a lifetime, and frankly, seen you in far worse states.  You’re well past caring.  

After a week of arguments, fights, shouting and stress that really tested my faith in human nature (not just limited to me, the entire gang seems to have been through the mill) it was one very very happy and emotional half hour, which quite frankly, was like an enormous happiness injection.  

If you’re not on my Skype list, get involved.  Happiness and joy awaits us all.  See you on the other side….

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