Sunday, September 18, 2011

Metro Joy!


There’s been much excitement in Dubai this month as the long awaited Metro Green Line opened.  Not only is this a huge achievement – the thing was barely out of the ground when I arrived three years ago – it also means that many of the older (and in my opinion most fabulous places in Dubai) are now easy to get to.  No traffic or parking woes.  I jumped the Metro home from the Marina at the weekend and was reminded just how fabulous it is. 

This being Dubai, it’s beautifully clean and efficient and when you add in the fact that it’s elevated from the road, this means you have a fabulous view of the city as you glide by.  There’s something very magical about a Dubai sunset, a rosy glow over the villas of Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab swathed in gold.  I’m giddy as a goat to try out the line and go exploring….humidity, please end soon!

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