Monday, August 19, 2013

New Habits: Troughing

Me, at pretty much any time of day.
I never really had a sweet tooth. Sure, I'd scoff Creme Eggs at Easter and I do love anything from the lovely Mr Kipling. But I'm a cheese or crisps kinda gal at heart. Add in the fact that I do like to eat as healthily as possible, and I'm just not a big indulger in all things sweet as they tend to gravitate to my middle and thighs.

That all changed when I became Up The Duff (UTD). I fought it, I really did. But I've found myself leaning towards sugary treats like Kim Kardashian after a hunger strike. 

Things I find myself eating most on a regular basis that I SWEAR never normally touch my lips:
  • Pain au Chocolat
  • Cinammon Whirls
  • Creme Eggs (to be fair, a usual occurrence, especially round Easter)
  • Ice-cream (nightly)
The Husband watches with a wry smile as I scoff the above items - he isn't used to seeing me with my snout in the fridge quite so much, and certainly not emerging with anything unhealthy.

I reasoned with myself: on a normal evening I might have a couple of glasses of wine, on a night out, a bottle. Which meant I had HUNDREDS of spare calories to consume, non? And I kept repeating the mantra: pregnant women only need and extra 2-300 calories a day, so I did exercise some restraint. And at 24 weeks, with no one any the wiser that I was pregnant, it seemed to work...but a lot can happen in the final few months. As I hurtle towards 33 weeks, watch this space.

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Mrs Dubai said...

I also developed a taste for nightly ice cream when UTD. My theory was it was a sugar replacement for all the wine I was no longer drinking. Pleased to say, the moment the baby came out, the taste for ice cream disappeared. So, enjoy!