Sunday, July 06, 2008

Work, Work, Work

Well dear readers. Apologies for the lack of posts. No, I didn’t come to a sticky end on Dubai’s roads – although I’m sure drama is to follow on that subject – I’ve just been insanely busy. And ill – with my first cold in about 5 years. Yes, despite living in one of the hottest places on god’s earth, I have a stinking cold! I blame the enormous air con vent right above my head.

What have I been up to – well working mainly. I went to Abu Dhabi last week for a client meeting. I didn’t see much of Abu Dhabi (it’s about as far as Wolverhampton from Manchester, I think) but it does have the most gorgeous seafront, called the Corniche, where people can walk along (in this heat, the fools!). the drive there is spectacularly dull. There are walls all along the road – to stop camels wandering on!

After our meeting we had dinner in the spectacular Emirates Palace Hotel. The Lebanese food was amazing. The lobster alone was stunning. I made the mistake of stuffing myself in the first ten minutes, not realizing that the selection of 15 dishes were only the starters! We all left with boxes of left-overs to take home. Yum!

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