Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cats and Dogs

"Rain showers.  Scattered showers.  Heavy rain.  Fog."  Yep, that's about the M.O for a trip to Manchester.  It rained during the entire week that I was there last July too, so I don't know why I'd hoped there might be a bit of the alleged 'fabulous summer' left over when I arrived. 

Anyway, the weather won't stop one bit of planned activity - to be fair, much of it centres around licensed premises, my favourite retail outlets (has the Harvey Nicks sale started yet, people?!) and one Big Gay Wedding.  To say I'm in a frenzy of excitement is an understatement.  If I'm in control of my faculties enough I'll try to blog at some point.  Otherwise I'll see you later this month, desert family.....

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