Sunday, August 01, 2010

Time Flies

As you know, I checked out and checked into a beach hotel this weekend. We did as little as possible, generally hanging out, eating, drinking, and lounging in the spa (Elemis products and one of my favourites). It was only when we came to leave when we realized that we’d probably spent the sum total of 10 full hours straight sat on the beach….and it went in the blink of an eye. There were a few hours spent swapping ipods and snoozing, but for the most part we just sat and talked.

What about? I really couldn’t tell you. Not that it was super-confidential, you understand, (although some parts are definitely not for public consumption) just that it was the sort of easy conversation that spanned so many subjects and areas that it would take me as long again to pin them down and explain them to you.

Some topline discussions: men who sleep with their favourite teddy bear, aged 30 (the boy, not the bear), knickers: to wear or not to wear, and what REALLY happens in the office toilets. No wonder we laughed til we cried at least 10 times. When are we doing it again?!

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