Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's a Tough, Tough, Life

Another weekend, another 5 star luxury hotel……it’s been a tough week in many ways for some of my favourite people (including me!) so we’re doing the only decent thing, packing our bags, and checking in here.

It’s long been one of my favourite places in Dubai – far enough away that you feel like you’ve escaped and had a real mini-vacation, close enough that you don’t get bored on the journey there (30 mins). In addition to the gorgeous beach, the hotel has a fabulous spa too. It seemed rude not to check ourselves in there for a few hours. Amazing how quickly the emotionally draining week ebbs away….

You’d think we were heading to the Maldives, excitement is at such fever pitch. I even packed my bag last night…which took all of two minutes as it only contains bikinis/suncream/sundresses/sunhat and Veuve Cliquot…

I was having a quick nosy through a friend’s holiday snaps on Facebook earlier, and not for the first time, reflected on how lucky I am and how much I love my life. Most people have a sun-drenched beach holiday once a year, if that. I have one every weekend, with people who I adore. Blessed, indeed. See you next week!

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