Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wet Wet Wet

I’m only going to say this once (and Mrs Dubai started me thinking on this) STOP MOANING ABOUT THE HEAT AND HUMIDITY IN THE UK!! She sums the situation up nicely in her post, here. Yes, summer has arrived in Dubai with a vengeance. There seems to be waters running in rivulets down the outside of my floor to ceiling windows, day and night. And the humidity level in my bedroom reads 65%. IN MY BEDROOM. What’s that all about?

In practical terms this means that many of my favourite (outdoor) bars and clubs are closed, as are restaurant terraces. Thank god for indoor wine and cheese evenings and my best friends all living in my building. Oh and of course that brisk breeze at the pool really does take the edge of things.

As a girl who like nothing more than wrestling on a bikini and lounging at the beach whenever I get a spare minute, I’m not going to complain about the heat. But the humidity can bore right off. If my hair gets any bigger Ivana Trump will be calling me for style tips.

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