Thursday, July 15, 2010

Breaks...About Time

Speaking of itchy feet (see previous post) it’s been a good three weeks since we’ve had a major blow-out. Don’t get me wrong, our social lives haven’t exactly hit the skids, but nights out involving a dancefloor have been lacking since my birthday. That’s all changing this Friday: the Stanton Warriors are in Dubai. Finally, my kind of music in the city!

They were regulars at Sankeys back in the day, as were The Plumps (another favourite of mine.) I’ve watched with amusement this week as some of my (much) younger colleagues have become steadily more excited about their arrival. I haven’t liked to point out that the last time I saw them play was the Tribal Gathering Weekender in Southport in….well let’s forget the year….and the less said about that little trip away the better! I think it took a week to recover...and my current colleagues probably hadn’t even completed their GCSE’s at that stage…anyway.

It’s very rare that a night out in Dubai is all about the music, like it is in the UK. So I’m going to enjoy this. If you're not sure what I'm talking about then I recommend you listen to their remix of the Beach Boys Good Vibrations....awesome.

As we used to say in Sankeys: see you on the other side.

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