Monday, December 13, 2010

Fashion Forward

I'm quiet again - which can only mean one thing - I'm drowning in work. Washing machine/heart attack status has been thoroughly resumed.  As usual, a combination of workload and unrealistic expectations on all fronts. 

Anyway! Amongst the madness there was an interesting cultural moment today.  I was heading off to see a client (part of the government) where a large part of the team is made up of locals, in national dress.  Obviously anyone with half a brain knows that this means that you also dress accordingly.  Not really an issue for me as a) I'm old enough to know this and dress appropriately each day b) my working wardrobe is more Karen Millen than Vicky Pollard.

Despite this a team member from the advertising side felt the need to comment on my dress (high necked, pussy bowed, long-sleeved to the knee - a treat, no?) as we were leaving.  "You know" she said.  "It's very conservative where we're going."  I sighed, and resisted the urge to lambast her.  I frequently lament the outfits I see in the mall on tourists, nay residents who should know better, and would hate to think that I'd offended anyone in my host country and home.  Despite that I did start to worry that a glimpse of calf might ruin our working relationship and send the client into a frenzy.

The meeting passed without incident.  I sat behind a table hoping I hadn't offended anyone.  As I stood to leave, my client called me back.  "Kelly," he said.  "Can I just say, you look great today!"

Always nice to hear, but especially give the situation.  Fashion score one, to me.

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