Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Going to the Chapel...

I'm off to Egypt for a wedding this weekend.  This will be my second arabic wedding, and to say I'm excited is an understatement.  Aside from the fact that I do love a good wedding (the hope, the joy, the expectation - it's just like a Twilight novel, if only for a day!) arabic weddings (AW) tend to involve much more drama, tension and downright celebration than anything I've encountered in the UK.  In true arabic hospitality style there's about 400 people going, including a large contingent from the office (the groom is a friend and work colleague).  No scrutinising the guest list as at a UK wedding (at 50 quid a head do you REALLY want Auntie Bessie and Uncle Ted to come etc etc).  No, we're all flying in, en masse.

Despite this being categorised as a 'beach wedding' and thus, a low key affair, I've learnt from previous experience that even a low key AW will trump the poshest and most glam of western styles.  So I'm taking the preparations seriously.  Of course the hair has been highlighted, nails polished, body buffed, tanned and waxed: that's a given.  What else do you need to consider?

The Outfit
I wore a cocktail dress to the last AW, and despite it being a body hugging, glam Karen Millen number, it didn't feel quite right.  Ideally, you need a gown.  We're talking floor length glamour here kids.  Oscars, BAFTA's etc.  After subjecting the family to much trawling round Dubai Mall, I finally found the ideal dress.  Black, slinky, one shouldered.  I wouldn't normally wear black but it looks stunning on and suitably elegant.  I couldn't face any of the neon monstrosities I encountered, and more importantly, I didn't really want to rinse the best part of a thousand quid on one.

Just to make it a bit more complicated, the wedding after-party (who knew such things existed) is at Pacha, possibly one of the most glamorous super clubs in the world.  The last time I partied at Pacha it was 1994 and I was in t he Ibiza club. I was a lot thinner then. God knows what to wear on this occasion!

The Accessories
I've blogged before about the requisite accessories one needs here in the UAE - giant oversized shades, handbag, and glitter and glitz on, well, everything.  So I'll be donning a sequinned belt, chandelier (sparkly) earring, and shimmering snakeskin clutch.  Oh and a towering pair of nude peep-toe heels.

The Hair and Make Up
More is more when it comes to this category. I'll be going armed with a giant can of Elnett and will probably start backcombing my hair twelve hours before the ceremony. I am not joking!  It goes without saying that I'll also be wearing more make-up than Ru Paul and this will involve a lot of glitter and liquid eye-liner.  Hey, I hear transvestite chic is all the rage right now!

Somehow, I'm only taking carry-on (as usual) on this trip.  I may need an extra compartment for all the cosmetics!  Full updates and photos to follow, of course.

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