Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Inner Circle

Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve always been lucky to have a close group of friends, and life is no different here in Dubai.  I’ve always thought that if you can’t categorise friends in the ‘I can call them at 3 am in an emergency’ category, then there isn’t any real point.  I see so many people here in Dubai who seem to just ‘skim the surface’, with big groups of friends that they brunch with regularly, but who they’ve failed to make any real emotional connection with. 

This means that my desert family isn’t huge, but it’s tight.  We’ve really been there for one another through some major traumas in the last three years.  We have in the past tried to expand the social circle, but we’ve struggled.  There have been some disastrous ‘singles nights’ where people walked out after less than an hour (extreme rudeness experienced), and we’ve tried bigger events, but always end up talking to one another.  There have been some notable exceptions, including meeting lovely fellow bloggers online and then the arrival of M, of course.

This has had its downsides (we can’t hire a yacht for example, as we simply don’t like enough people!) and most recently, an unusual problem.  One of the group has decided that she wants a husband.  (Note: this is not a euphemism for me!).  Well you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work out that your odds of this happening are massively diminished when you spend all your time with your lovely friends partying and spank dancing round the city.

So, we’ve signed up to a variety of different social groups, and are attempting to widen our circle.  It’s not just the husband search, to be fair.  To depend on a small group of people for emotional support could be foolhardy in such a transient country.  Watch this space.  And if you know of any eligible bachelors, please do get in touch!

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