Sunday, October 09, 2011

Let Me Upgrade You...

Our suit was ALMOST this big!
There are few things more joyous in life than turning left on an airplane. Especially when the airline is Emirates. Even moreso when the left turn comes as a surprise upgrade. This hasn't happened to me for a while, but on a recent weekend away, we did have the joyous experience of being upgraded to the largest suite and the hotels best room.

Now, I'm a simple girl, who likes simple pleasures.  I don't NEED a giant lounge with more sofas than my apartment.  I don't NEED a roof terrace so large you could hold Kim Kardashian's wedding  reception on it. I don't NEED another two balconies.  I don't NEED a kitchen or two bathrooms (actually, I am a fan of his and hers bathrooms. How DO men make so much mess?)

BUT.....if you do, unexpectedly, find all these things at your disposal on an already beautiful weekend away, it would seem churlish not to don the giant fluffy robe, sink your feet into the comfy slippers, ring down for a bucket with ice and pop open some bubbles.....heaven.

I await my next stay in a 'normal' room with interest. And a little trepidation.

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