Sunday, October 09, 2011

Spending a Penny....or a Dirham

Not QUITE this good, but...
Who hasn't had that awful feeling: you're pelting along a highway (motorway for my  UK chums) when you realize you need to answer a call of nature. Let's not talk about THAT time on the M62 (after 4 hours in one of the worst tailbacks in British living memory, a hedge at the side of the road looked like a good option) or THAT time on a Spanish motorway (as per previous story, only at least this time I had the girls with me and we suffered the hedge together).

As you scan the horizon for a gas station (petrol station, UK chums) you are already steeling yourself for the carnage that will await you inside. Let's just say that no one would choose one of these establishments for their final pee in life.

Well, you might if you were in the UAE! On a recent road trip we swung into a gas station and I grimly prepared myself for the trip to what was bound to be the bathroom of doom.  As I opened the door I did the usual holding of breath and prepared to force myself in.  But no! What awaited me was the shiniest, sparkliest, cleanest toilet in the whole of the kingdom. It almost out my home bathroom to shame and I have a weekly cleaner (thank you universe).

I've visited a few more gas station bathrooms since (all in the name of research. Yes I am a geek) and they've all been the same. Clean, shiny and stocked up with so much loo roll you could lag the loft with it.

I appreciate that public toilets are of little interest to anyone, with the exception perhaps of George Michael, but I just had to share this with you!


Anonymous said...

Was happy to see your post because will be needing these restrooms when the parents come visiting during Christmas.
Did your spot checks :-D happen on the Dubai-Al Ain road or the Dubai-Liwa desert highway toward Qasar al Sarab?
Just checking in case it did so we can rest easy that the restrooms will be usable!
Thanks for your post.

Britney of Arabia said...

you are most welcome! it was the dubai to al ain road...but to be honest i've encountered decent toilets at gas stations all over the place!