Monday, December 19, 2011

Feline Bothering

Admit, he's handsome, isn't he?
When I left the UK for Dubai, I left a variety of things behind me: friends, family, winter clothes, an umbrella and….one fat and fluffy black and white feline who went by the name of Frank. I won’t dwell  on that as it can still get me a bit misty eyed….he has a lovely new home and apparently still counts watching the telly as one of his favourite hobbies.

Anyway. It’s rare that I get to bother felines these days, but there is one rather lovely specimen. She’s black and slinky and called Molly and she lives……in our favourite Dubai pub. As cats do, these days it seems! She’s often to be found wafting around the bar stools and tables, and (as with most cats) is rather partial to anyone who has had food delivered to their table.

As is customary last Saturday night we headed to the pub for a few vinos before heading to Ravi’s for a street curry. Maybe it was the sudden drop in temperature (I was freezing even I n fur lined boots, jeans, cardigan and scarf), maybe it was the thought that I was about to order food, maybe it was just because I can talk to the animals and was once a zoo-keeper for the day…..who knows! But the slinky black cat made a veritable bee-line for my lap, did a few quick furry turns and then settled down for the evening. Then ensued a beautiful few hours of ear rubbing, chin stroking, and general feline bothering. With regular deliveries of white wine. An absolute treat.

It was hard to drag myself away from her and it did cross my mind just how lovely it would be to have a permanent furry friend at home. But in my heart of hearts, I think it’s best for cats to have some outside space – especially as so many here in Dubai are re-homed alley cats who are used to life on the mean streets.  Just another reason to move to that villa in Satwa, hey?!

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Mrs Dubai said...

I can just see you in a Satwa villa with a few cats, a garden full of flowers and Ravi's on speed dial...