Sunday, December 04, 2011

Visitor Season!

Anything I've missed?
The festive season and cooler weather herald a number of things: I start the annual quest for iced mince pies (thus far, never been found), and visitors normally start arriving in Dubai. OBVIOUSLY I have numerous itineraries in the back pocket which get tailored and amended to suit guests, and although it gets challenging to find new things to do for those who have visited before, it’s no less exciting to be a tourist in your own city.

Last week we entertained first time guests, and the joy in their each and every experience was infectious.  From the creek , abras and souks to the new glittering Burj Khalifa, their giddy updates at the end of each day were a joy to hear.

With my family arriving in a little over two weeks, I’m racking my brains for new experiences for them. Thus far I’ve come up with feeding the penguins in Dubai Mall (told you I was struggling) and one FABULOUS  thing which I can’t share as my dad reads this blog and it’s a birthday/Christmas surprise for him.  If anyone has any tips which you think I may have missed, I will gladly hear them!

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