Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 40th National Day!

Excited much?
It's hard to believe that this weekend will be my fourth National Day in Dubai. I blogged about my first one here. This year is particularly special as it marks 40 years since the United Arab Emirates were formed.  And it's fair to say we're going all out.

Unlike the UK where patriotism is almost un-PC, EVERYONE loves National Day.  We're having a 3 day weekend to enjoy the celebrations.  There are ceremonies all over town, parades, fireworks - so much to choose from that my mind is boggling!  There's also the huge array of National Day themed merchandise - my office is looking particularly resplendent right now.  It's hard not to get excited about it all, especially when I love my adopted home so much.

Although I don't know what I'm doing, I do have the outfit sorted: themed dress, hat, two scarves, BOOM!  Full updates and photos to follow. If I don't make the front page of Gulf News it will be a travesty.

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