Sunday, November 27, 2011


I was not born to iron...
I may have mentioned how blessed we are here in Dubai when it comes to having people to look after us. I have the loveliest cleaner in the world who is an old friend of a friend, who has now become part of the Downtown Family.  We have joked that Mohesh, the man from Dubai laundry, has been the most constant male presence in our lives over the last four years.

Last month, disaster struck: Mohesh went on his annual vacation.  As is customary in this part of the world, he took an entire month off.  His replacement, whilst lovely, didn’t understand which trousers had front pleats and which didn’t, and wasn’t entirely au fait with the term ‘dry cleaning’.

My hopes were raised that Mohesh was back when I saw the Dubai Laundry van flash past as I was throwing myself around Downtown during bootcamp (way too public).  And yesterday when my doorbell rang, it was confirmed: Mohesh is back!  We actually had a near-emotional reunion as we chatted about his holiday and what he’d been up to.

Thank you universe. We really are blessed.

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