Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nay to Neigh

Brilliant, brilliant photo.
I LOVE all things equine. Whilst I’ve never been a massive fan of actually riding horses, I’ve had some of the best days out in Dubai around them: bothering polo ponies, mingling with horse whisperers (no, really!) and watching a bit of horse racing at Meydan. So it would be a natural assumption to think that I’d be going to the Dubai World Cup this weekend – that’s the world’s richest horse race, to you!
But you’d be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I like to pull on a posh frock, climb onto sky high heels and drink wine in the sunshine as much as the next person. Just not all day. And not in the company of marauding Brits. Oh, so many drunken Brits. With zero interest in actually watching  any of the racing (hello Rugby 7’s for the same phenomena).

An antipodean friend of mine laughed as discussed this in the elevator today. “We always say that the World Cup is full of drunk offensive Brits,” she laughed. “It’s funny to hear a Brit say that you don’t want to be part of it.”
As another good friend of mine said: “It’s the equivalent of drinking wine in a field in a very smart outfit. I couldn’t get anywhere near the actual racing and didn’t see a horse the whole time I was there.”

Hmmm. Thanks but no thanks.

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