Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weather Watch

Ok,in general: It's good.
I did think that once I left the UK, the British obsession with all things weather related might leave me. I was wrong. We’re all just as obsessed here in Dubai. You might think that this is impossible given that for 360 days of the year blue skies and sunshine are usually on the cards. 

But I think you’ll find there’s actually quite a lot to talk about, especially during the seasonal changes. We discuss such topics as:
  • Is it getting warmer out there?
  • How warm is it exactly?
  • Is it humid?
  • How humid is it exactly?
  • Is that a cloud?
  • Is that a sandstorm?
  • Is it warm enough for a bikini?
  • Have you been in the sea this week? 
If you ask this question in the office a frantic debate will ensure with everyone giving a different opinion. There are some (moi) who sunbathe throughout the summer but find the winter too cold. Some who wakeboard the whole way through winter (AJ) but others who will not put even a toe in the sea between November-April (moi).

Today’s debate: how did it get so hot, so quickly? Last year I was still walking to work in the first week of May. Today it was a balmy 33 degrees when I left the house at 8.30. I’m not ready for Winter to be over, I’m just not. 

Last year the World Cup was hit by a freakish sandstorm and temperatures plummeted afterwards, so there is still hope that we could stretch outdoor living just a little further. Let’s see.

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