Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Girl Crush

I do have binoculars. But I never use them for spying on my neighbours.
Not since I moved from an apartment anyway!

There's something great about stumbling across  blog you've never read before. My favourites still include this fabulous lady  who frankly, sometimes seems to read my mind with her subject matter. 

At the weekend I stumbled across a new blog, and I have to confess: I have a girl crush. She's a married American with two children whose honesty and sense of humour really resonate with me. I spent an enjoyable weekend going through her blog - it wasa bit like reading a good book, THAT"S how involved I got.

Hell, I even sent her a message saying what a huge fan I was - how sad am I?!

if she ever reads this (god knows why she would): you are perfectly safe. Even my slight stalker tendencies cannot cross an ocean. Honest! And thanks for the great reading material :)