Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Rings

If you live in Dubai, you have absolutely no excuse not to have a diamond dealer on speed dial. I mean, this is the city with a Gold souk AND a Gold and Diamond PARK! The latter is not an open green space with trinkets hanging all glittery from the trees (but wouldn’t it be great if it was!) but more like a small shopping mall made up of jewelers. Oh, the SPARKLE when you enter can fair burn a girl’s retinas out!

As with all things wedding related, I hadn’t spent my whole life leading up to this moment, so hadn’t given a wedding ring much thought, other than anything conventional really isn’t going to work for me. I don't wear much jewellery per se, and the stuff I do tend to wear is big, statement style pieces. Which doesn't really work when it comes to a wedding ring. That hen's egg ruby ring might be oh so Alexander McQueen now, but will you still happily wear it in the years time?

I'll just cut in here and make the (maybe obvious) point, that he didn't present me with a ring when he proposed. Despite my husband (ahem) having exquisite taste and being the most stylish man I know, he knows me very well. And he knew that something as important as this was best chosen by me. He gave me a very generous budget to work with (I checked as we entered the Gold and Diamond Park!) and off we went.

Despite the jokes about needing Xanax (him not me) the whole thing was done and dusted in under an hour. Turns out I shop for diamonds like I shop for clothes: I enter, I make a clean and quick sweep, I decide almost immediately what I like (if anything), I exit.

I chose an antique style ring from Monili and they made me a beautiful wedding ring to fit round the bling. I know you want to see here's a pic. Gorgeous, hey! Amazing how quickly I got used to wearing it. And yes, I do still catch it sparkling and it makes my heart fill with joy.



AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

That might be one of the most gorgeous and unique wedding rings I've ever seen. Swoon.

Congrats to you!!!!

Mrsdubai said...

Love love love. Your whole wedding was a testament to style and good taste. May god bless you both with decades of joy xox