Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Dress

I’m not going to lie, this part did give me a few palpitations. As per my earlier posts, a big white wedding dress was completely out of the question. 

Have you seen that episode of Sex and the City where Sarah Jessica Parker tries on a big white dress and comes out in hives? That would be me.

That said, I did like the idea of something white, or off white. Despite our completely non-traditional approach I thought that this would be a nice element to incorporate. 

After a few failed attempts via mail order (thanks Net a Porter but they were just all wrong) I hit the mall after work one night with grim determination. After an hour in Temperley where I oh-so-nearly bought a dress (Grecian, gorgeous, but really just too wedding-like) I stumbled across the perfect frock in Galleries Layfayette. (Mental note to spend more time in Gals Laf, tis fabulous).

You may have seen it by now – if not, it’s a gorgeous, mid length, mid sleeved, clingy-in-all-the-right-places without looking trampy (no one likes a vicar with a hard on) stone cocktail dress. 

It’s a dress that just screamed ‘wear me’, sassy, sexy, elegant, with a whiff of old-school Hollywood glamour - exactly the look I was going for. And I just happened to spy the perfect fur stole through another shop window, so schnaffled that up and was good to go. Nude peep toe pumps and my grandmother’s vintage alligator clutch bag and we were all set.

What’s that you say? What did HE wear? You’re really interested?! Oh, okay then. The groom wore a beautiful bespoke black suit with waistcoat (the brief to the tailor was the Tom Ford/Daniel Craig suit), with black patent sneakers (no really, and they looked fabulous). No handbag.

The treat for me was seeing him in a suit. As a creative entrepreneur, it’s rare to see my husband (oh so strange saying that!) in a suit. In almost 3 years this is only the second time (the first was at a friend’s wedding.) Dear reader, he scrubs up well, let me tell you.

The suit. The deserved a snog.

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