Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Britney’s Guide to Tying the Knot

Well well well dear readers. 

Yes I’ve been quiet, again, for which I apologise profusely. I think the large majority of you know why and will forgive me. It’s not easy blogging whilst PLANNING A SECRET WEDDING AND RUNNING AWAY TO LAS VEGAS!!!

To be fair the wedding planning was actually pretty easy as it involved me, my gorgeous husband, and…well that was it. So the only truly necessary things were: flights, hotel, chapel, outfits, rings. And obviously my outfit was the most crucial!

I have zero intention of turning into a *shudders* wedding blogger or anything of that ilk, but due to popular demand, I shall post a few bits and pieces about what happened when, where and why. Just so you’re up to date.

Watch this space!

So. Fabulous.


Ikra said...

A silent reader of your blog from Sweden. Never left any comment but this was worth it. Heartiest congratulations to you. I am eager to read more :) BTW do you have any email address where I can drop by sometimes? Take care


Anonymous said...

Thank you! you can get me on kellyharvarde@hotmail.com

viona said...

Wow!! I was wondering why you were quiet! u look so beautiful. I wish you both the best life ever!