Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baby Essentials - Number 1 - The Bouncy Chair - Baby Bjorn

Handsome man not included - thankfully I have my own!
So many people have asked me what my 'must-have' items for a baby are. Truthfully, we didn't over indulge too much on frippery...ultimately what a tiny baby needs is somewhere to sleep, food (whether formula or bosom) and nappies. Oh and snuggles. Soooooooo many snuggles!

BUT there are undoubtedly some things that made our lives much, much easier. So I'll share them with you.

The first: a bouncy chair. Now there are hundreds of these on the market, and 99.9% of them are utterly hideous. I have never filled my house with neon/primary coloured plastic before, and I fail to see why I should now that I have a child.

So the only choice for us was a Baby Bjorn. These are beautiful, carefully designed chairs that also LOOK GOOD. Call me shallow, call me old-fashioned, but this was music to my ears.

On the practical front,it also folds completely flat, so you can store it out of the way. 
Putting away the Baby Bjorn has actually became a ritual in the evenings. After bath and bedtime, the chair is put away, signifying the end of all things baby and the start of grown-up chat and wine time. Bliss.

Baby Britney was so small that she couldn't actualy sit in it for the first few months (they need to be a certain weight so that they don't crumple up in it/slide off, bless) but the average newborn will be fine from day one.

Theya re brutally expensive in Dubai - double the price of Amazon in the UK, but they are worth every single dirham.

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