Monday, April 28, 2014

Things I Missed When Up the Duff

If you enjoy it, you probably can't do it...sigh.
My pregnancy was classed as very high-risk. Not because of my age,although I was practically dead by Middle Eastern child-bearing standards, but due to a few health issues. 

Anyway, as a result, I missed some of the usual things that up the duff ladies miss, plus some that they don't: 

  • Booze
  • A night without getting up to wee every 30 seconds
  • Running
  • Walking or standing for longer than 20 mins (doctor's orders: I COULD physically walk for longer,but paid the price afterwards)
  • Exercise of any sort (even pregnancy yoga was banned)
  • Swimming (see above)
  • Plane travel
  • Lying on my front when sunbathing
  • Lying on my front when attempting to sleep
  • My Whistles skinny jeans (although was still in them at 20 weeks, mofos!)
  • The spa (for the first 12 weeks)
  • My sanity (to be fair whether this was in place before is up for debate)
It's not forever, although it feels like it. Repeat: it's not forever.