Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Nutri-Bullet: Just Another Fad?

Totally converted....
Never one to pass up a new health fad, particularly one that promises to be easy and simple, we embraced Nutri-Bullet fever recently.

As a household that already owned not one but TWO blenders, I was naturally sceptical about inviting yet another electrical item into the house. Particularly when said item seemed so similar to the others. But I'm here to tell you: the Nutri-Bullet is amazing! 

The principle is this: you start off with leaves (hello frozen spinach), then add berries/any fruit that takes your fancy (hello frozen fruit) then you add a 'boost'. In my case this is ginger (frozen) plus flaxseeds and wheatgrass powder. Then blend. Because I've loaded up the freezer with frozen fruit, this whole process takes approximately 60 seconds, start to finish. It also takes up a teeny-tiny amount of space on the work surface which is an added bonus, both in terms of space but also likelihood of usage - it's staring me in the face every day, so is top of mind.

I'm not gonna lie, to begin with the resulting concoctions took quite some getting used to - turns out there's a reason why I don't eat kilos of spinach each day - it tastes vile. After I'd dialled down on the spinach and dialled up on the ginger, I actually started enjoying my creations. It's now firmly part of my morning ritual: make bullet, blend bullet, leave house, drink bullet at work with a handful of supplements.

The best part about the process in my opinion is this: whatever else the day holds; endless meetings, unhealthy choices, vino, dodgy snacks...well, at least it started right. 

FYI - this is not a sponsored post, I succumbed to the marketing all on my own! I picked my NB up from MumzWorld, they deliver direct to your door. And half the price of the UK!