Thursday, February 12, 2015

Working Mums: The SAS Has Nothing on Us

My morning mantra
Fail to plan, plan to fail. That's the mantra of the SAS. I think. Actually it might not be. But it should be. It's certainly the motto of every good PR Person. And this stands you in oh such good stead when you have a baby and most especially when you go back to work. 

I'm not saying you need an excel spreadsheet for getting out of the house in the morning, but as much planning as possible helps everything to run smoothly. Here are some of my top tips.

Get Your Work Outfit Sorted
It is amazing how much quicker you can get ready when your outfit is hanging, ready to wear, on the wardrobe door in front of you. Sure, you can wait and select your clothes in the morning. But having a small bald person clinging to your legs whilst whining to be passed jewellery/be picked up is: a) stressful b) annoying c) distracting and OH how it slows you down.

Once Baby Britney (BB) is in bed each night I head straight to the wardrobe and select an outfit for the next day. And not just the clothes, I also pick out underwear (sorry), jewellery and shoes. This means that you  can slip everything on whilst on complete autopilot. 

Apply the Same Principle to Food/Work Sustenance
Who in their right mind wants to prep food at 7 am with a baby on their hip? Do it all the night before. I even prep the nutri bullet concoction at 10 pm. All contents are in the freezer so ingredients are thrown in the cup, blade attached, ready to be whizzed up just as I walk out of the front door.

Apply the Same Principle to Coffee
Get your morning coffee lined guessed it....the night before.
It is truly amazing how much more smoothly your morning will run if the kettle is already filled, and a tea bag/spoon of coffee is waiting for you. Of course, if you're fancy, get the coffee machine prepped and ready to go. I'm fine with Nescafé and inhale a brew in the manner of a snake with a rabbit.

Divide and Conquer
If you have a partner, get them on board the planning bus. Sure, there will be days when one of you has an early morning/late night, and the other is left to hold the fort alone. But if you're both there in the morning, tag team:

One feeds the Tiny Tyrant, the other puts a full face of make-up on. 

One showers, the other entertains the Tiny Tyrant with animal noises and Molly the Cat Bothering. 

After a year of this you'll have it so locked down you'll feel like Olympic synchronised swimmers, such is the beauty and smoothness of your routine. And the real benefits are: your mornings are calm. Your day begins in a positive way. You are not ready to chew your own face off by the time you arrive at work. 

Disclaimer: I only have one child, she's still small and relatively immobile and she doesn't have to be at school at 7.30. But I'm hoping that these foundations will help us to keep some small grip as she grows. What are your best tips?


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