Sunday, May 31, 2015

Small but Perfectly Formed

The cutest park we know...
Dubai is known for its spectacular parks. Yes, parks! It's not all desert and sand, y'know. My love of  parks here is well-documented. We head to Creek Park whenever we can to re-charge at the weekend. With its vast rolling hills, the lap of the creek waves and even a beach, it really is good for the soul.

Since Baby Britney appeared on the scene, I've been all over another park: Al Wasl. Creek Park it is not, it's really like a giant garden in size. But it's an eight minute walk from our front door (yes, I timed it) and is blissfully quiet. If we head there on a precious day off, we are very often the only people there. It is a tiny piece of heaven on our door step.

BB loves watching the birds, eating flapjacks and apples slices (and feeding them to Mama) and will happily toddle around squeaking whilst Mama cracks out a few pages of her latest book. What's not to love?

Of course since the mercury hit 40 plus in the daytime, we haven't been able to visit our little park, which makes me hugely sad. Still, we have a beautiful garden for paddling pool action and the swimming pool too, so we can't complain.

See you in November, Al Wasl Park!