Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey Shorty, It's Your Birthday

Can you believe I'm about to spend my third, yes third birthday in Dubai...? No, neither can I!  This year it falls on a weekday, so I'm not sure what the MO is as yet.  A very swish bar is offering some sort of free drink/free food/free MAC cosmetics type event - what's not to love?!   Otherwise it will be dinner and drinks with my lovely friends closely followed by mayhem at the weekend.

Tinie Tempah is here on Thursday night - do not even ask me what sort of music genre he falls under...but I'm all over it.  And then of course there's the football on Friday.  I say this as if I'm some sort of afficionado.  Just don't tell anyone that I spent the first England game curled up on the sofa watching Gossip Girl Season 3, eh?  I'm sorry, but Chuck Bass or a load of over-paid petulant children kicking a ball, badly, round a pitch for 90 minutes.....? No contest.

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