Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Sex and the City, Thanks

So I FINALLY watched SATC2 last night. I probably mentioned that it was banned here, so seeing at the cinema was a no-go. We had to make do with a copy from the DVD man (don’t ask). Obviously it launched everywhere else in the world aaages ago, so it was with much excitement that the girls hot-footed it round to mine to see what all the fuss was about. We all agreed that we hated the first one, but this one had been billed as much more upbeat and ‘fun’. My verdict? Disappointing.
I really wanted to like it – most of my friends did – and in particular they thought that I would ‘love all the Middle East references.” Actually, those were the parts that I hated the most. I found those bits cringeworthy and actually a little bit offensive. And I don’t think it’s that I‘ve lived here for a years that made me think that – Mel is new to Dubai and agreed that the women/abaya scene was downright wrong.

There were some parts we loved:
  • The fashion, obviously. Although who rocks up to the Souk, in August, in a full-length couture skirt is questionable. But I can forgive them that.
  • LOVED Smith showing up in an early scene – but he just wasn’t on-screen long enough to satisfy us. (When a man looks that good, why limit his screen-time to three minutes?!)
  • Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can identify with the theme of Big and Carrie trying to ‘keep the sparkle alive’ – hello, no tv should EVER be placed in the bedroom…..

 Other than that the main highlight was the arrival of enough Mexican food at my door to feed a small army….so you can see: it just lacked something. Still, a night of wine, food, and the company of my homegirls is never a night wasted. I’ve heard there’s talk of SATC 3…I won’t be holding my breath..


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Running in (designer) heels... said...

Which DVD man are you using?! My regular man does not have it and my heart breaks slightly when I hear of someone else who has managed to get their very own dodgy copy... x