Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swap Shop!!

I went to my first ever clothes swapping party last night. I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was ACE! The MO was as follows:
• Take 6 girls. Order pizza, provide wine
• Each one brings a large bag/bags stuffed full of clothes that are in good condition but that they’re just not interested in any more. You know how it is ladies, wear it once, get bored of it, etc etc.
• Dump each bagful of goodies into huge pile in the middle of the room
• Trough pizza, drink wine
• Assign one person (the hostess) to go through the items one by one, holding them up and giving a quick description, with the original owner chipping in (size, make, any particularly interesting features eg makes your boobs look great, v flattering when on, only worn once, an ex-boyfriend bought it for me and I always hated it but it cost 300 quid so someone has to have it)
• Each item gets ‘claimed’ with the caveat that if it doesn’t fit/look right, it goes back into the pile
• Trying on session with items replaced in pile as above
• Process repeated
• Any items not claimed popped in a bag for charity
• Everyone leaves laden down with new items and v happy

I left with a variety of gorgeous tops, dresses, and jewellery. Some of which still had the tags on them. All the pleasure of shopping with none of the guilt, and the added bonus of seeing things that I’ve spent good money on going to good homes. An absolutely top night!

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Mrs Dubai said...

Sounds like a great night - count me in next time ;)