Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blend it like…

Mine look just like this. Honest.
I’ve never been a huge fruit fan. It’s definitely been easier since I moved to Dubai, as the few fruits that I do enjoy tend to be more tropical. But it’s still an effort to force them down.

In an effort to combat this, I recently bought a blender. They’re cheap as chips here– less than twenty quid, and despite fruit being more expensive than gold, you can get (some) brands of frozen strawberries for just a quid.

So the occasional morning has seen me staring blankly at the blender, pouring in random amounts of milk, fruit and yoghurt, pouring in more milk when I realize it’s as thick as cement, and then getting very giddy about the results. Let me tell you, they're not as easy to make as you might think!

Let’s be clear, I’m never going to adore bananas (the work of the devil). But they are just a little easier to stomach them when they’re going up a straw with a smidgen of honey.  I have thus resisted adding alcohol….

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