Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Buraimi Adventures!

Heaven, truly.
I blogged a few weeks ago about the joy that is to be found in Buraimi – well with joy like that just a few hours away, we just HAD to go again. Last time we explored the Qattara oasis, this time we had our sights set on the Jazira oasis instead.  

After passing through the border and heading to Jazira, it soon became clear that without a four wheel drive, we had no chance of making it through what looked like a teeny tiny mountain pass. There was a millisecond where we contemplated ditching the saloon and walking, but one look at the blazing sun and the vertical climb and we thought better of it. As I’ve since found out it’s at least a thirty minute hike from that point, I’m very glad we swerved it.

So instead we headed to a small nearby date farm, which turned out to be the best thing ever! Cool, shaded aflaj, huge pools of water…AND aflaj that clung to the side of the mountain! Yes, we rolled up our trousers and paddled all the way to the source (which looks a bit like a hole that a monster would live in.) I did not venture inside.

There’s an old abandoned village (beautiful) with some date farmers still in residence. To say they were giddy to see us is an understatement. The loveliest old man (Abdullah) welcomed us into his home and we sat on the floor with him as VIP guests. As he spoke no English, and we spoke about ten words of Arabic, conversation was hard going. 

His two assistants spoke a few more words of English and we did manage to ascertain each other’s names, jobs and original country of residence. Some things transcend words and oral communication, and the ten minutes that we spent on the floor of his extremely rustic home were just beautiful.

We left with a large bottle of spring water and a song in our hearts. Next trip is booked and in the diary.

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