Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Holy Grail: Finding a Bikini in Dubai

Obviously I will look JUST like this in this bikini....
You might think that, living in the land of perpetual sunshine, it would be easy to find essential items such as: bikinis. You’d be wrong. Every time you go to the mall you see women in search of not just the perfect bikini, but ANY bikini. 

I’m not quite sure why they’re so sparse. You’d think that mainstream global retail giants such as Marks and Spencer, H&M and Zara would cotton onto the fact that whilst the rest of the world is shivering, here in the UAE the sun is still shining and we’d gladly welcome their summer stock of bikinis.

To solve this problem I recently turned to online retailer  Not only do they have summer stock all year round it seems, but it’s also massively reduced as the majority of their sales come from colder climes. Result! It was my first time ordering for delivery here, and despite taking two weeks to arrive, it was worth the wait.  Bikinis soon on a beach near you:
  • Blue ruffled strapless
  • Bright jade strapless
  • Black and floral strapless
  • White strapless (with giant buckles on cleavage and hip - pictured above)
As you may notice, I have decided to rule straps out of my life (tanlines). It’s still just a bit too cold for me to get involved with the beach just yet, but soon, very soon, we’ll be all over it.