Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Very stressed by the move, yeah?!
I’ve blogged before about the bundle of furry goodness that was the famous (!) cat, Molly, who lived in the Rydges Plaza Hotel in Dubai. 
When the hotel changed hands (it’s now the Chelsea Plaza, in case you didn’t know) the new owners, not being feline fans, ousted her. It was a sad evening when we popped in for a drink and realized that she’d been given the boot. The kindly F and B manager took her in as a short-term rescue solution but it couldn’t ever be permanent.
‘Molly-Gate’ became a frequent topic of conversation amongst the Rydges Plaza locals…and I’m sure that you can tell where this conversation is going! Yes, Molly is now living out her retirement years chez moi!
Despite only moving in a week ago, she’s already striding around the house like she owns the place. She’s remarkably chilled out and has thus far spent a large proportion of her time sleeping. To the point where I’ve actually asked: “Is she still breathing?!”
She’s staying indoors for a month until she gets used to the place, then and only then will she be allowed out. Dubai has very strict rules about pets – not only is she micro-chipped, but she also needs to wear a tag at all times with a municipality number on it. This is a sign to any cat catchers (yes, they do exist) not to scoop her up off the street and take her into their lair.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a furry, purring cushion next to me on the sofa. An absolute treat!

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