Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's The Weather Like?

When I lived in the UK, the weather was a perpetual topic of conversation. I thought that might change once I lived in a country where the sun shines (almost) every day, but no.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that the weather in Dubai isn't EXACTLY the same every day. And us Dubai dwellers have our antannae finely tuned to any nuances or changes, however minimal, that the weather brings. Each morning as I leave the villa my senses are on high alert for humidity, breezes, clouds...

ESPECIALLY as we start heading into September, which, despite being the most humid month of the year, signals that the Winter is approaching...Yay, Winter!

Soon, these temperatures will drop...
 Here are some Dubai weather types which we get excited about:

The Day When It Isn't QUITE as Hot
Even in the height of Summer, when the mercury is hitting 45 and higher, you can suddenly experience a day when it drops a little - which can feel like a lot. This happened on the last day of Ramadan. 

I was visiting a friend and popped out onto her balcony to check out her view. "OOH!!" we exclaimed. "It's BEAUTIFUL OUT HERE!"

I then skipped down the walk at JBR  to meet friends for a drink. It felt positively cool and breezy. It was 36 degrees.

The Day When It's Breezy for No Reason
Sometimes wind is a precursor to a sandstorm (not a treat). Sometimes it's just windy for the sheer wonderfulness of it (complete treat). This can mean the difference between thinking you're going to die when running, and actually managing to limp an extra km or two.

The Day When the Humidity Drops
I love heat. I hate humidity. I hate being drenched two minutes after leaving the house (Not a good look when in a bodycon dress and heading out for dinner. Not a good look any time, to be fair.)

At the moment we're having a few days of low humidity. Granted, your eyeballs feel like they're about to pop out of your head due to the dry air, and your eyelids stick to them (lovely). But I'd take this any day over wet, sticky, slug-like humidity.

The Day When Clouds Appear
Who ever knew that clouds could cause such hysteria?! It's such a pleasant change to look up and see fluffy white things in the sky. And they are fluffy, white, gorgeous things, in the main. Not grey, black or menacing, as in the UK. Love them.

The Day When Two Drops of Rain Fall
Now, THIS is where you will witness real hysteria. And yes, dear readers, I count myself as one of those who becomes CRAZED with excitment at the merest whiff of a raindrop.

When it rains in the UK, there's a good chance it last rained...oh...ten minutes earlier.

When it rains in Dubai, there's a good chance it last rained...360 days earlier.

That's 360 days of dust, sand, humidity, baking, scorching heat, to be washed away.No wonder we get excited!

Now we're into the first week of September, you can almost smell the cooler weather. We're straining towards it like an Olympic athlete at the finishing line. Soon, soon, there will be outdoor dinners, terrace drinks, Fridays in the park. So much Winter joy to come...

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Shalini said...

I know what you mean! I love the smell of rain and miss it so much out here.

But you know what the rain varies so much in different parts of the city. We used to be in a villa in Al Twar earlier, surrounded by mango and date palm trees and it used to rain from Dec to March. It was fantastic to hear the rain fall on the trees. Sadly for the last two years we've lived in a highrise in jlt where it rains much less and even when it does, one doesn't hear it.