Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Run Forest, Run!

Don't scrutinize the technique, hey?
I can't believe it. I've been running for almost a year. My first post about it is here.

From my first limping staggers where running for three minutes seemed like climbing Mount Everest, in heels, I've improved massively. I can run comfortably for around an hour now, after which, boredom sets in.

You might say that in a year, one should really be reaching the heady echelons of Marathon running. I say: bore off. Perhaps if I lived in a country where it wasn't pushing 40 degrees AT NIGHT for six months of the year, I'd be inclined to set myself more stringent goals.

But to be honest, 10k is enough for me. That's an hour of my life, which, after a a 12 hour working day, is manageable. Anyone who has the time to run for 4 hours a night has my admiration, but not my commitment.

I'm now registered for not one, but TWO 10k runs. The first is November 9th. This is a little challenging as at the moment the temperature makes any outdoor run a sweaty hideous mess (I hate to run on a treadmill).

That sad, I'm still running outside at least twice a week. See you at the finish line!

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mrsdubai said...

Wow congratulations. As one who ran for 2 mins yesterday and now aches all over, you have my utter respect