Friday, April 25, 2008

Ladies Night

Had a great time at the ever popular Thirsty Thursday last night. The lovely Emma James came up with the idea of a 'ladies only' networking event many years ago, and they're always a hoot. Great meeting new contacts whilst having a hair consultation! (only girls will understand this.)

The highlight of this month was the irrepressible David Guest making an appearance. Apparently he was staying at the Mal and wanted to meet the ladies!

Onto the delicious City Inn restaurant: great food as always, and I do love the decor. A bit like sitting in a box of sugared almonds! If the sun shines in Manchester before I depart these shores, I shall try and get onto the terrace. Despite the rumbling trams, it's a real gem in the city.

My lovely friends are arranging all sorts of treats before I go. It will be the simple things that I miss the most (interrupting one another, screeching about Britney/Liz Hurley/ANTM). Loving you all ladies.

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