Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Questions, Questions

If you’ve ever moved house, then you’ll understand the stress, nay, panic, that can grip you in the run up to the Big Day. Times this by, ooh, a trillion (hey, I work in PR, it’s in my nature to exaggerate) and that’s how moving to another country makes you feel. Well, me anyway.

It’s not just the usual boring and tedious list of people/utilities/banks etc that you need to notify of your whereabouts, it’s the little day to day things that are currently niggling away at me each night. Such as:

How big a bottle of shampoo should I buy before I go (will I use the giant sized Paul Mitchell in 6 weeks?)
When should I get my hair cut and coloured (who knows how long it will take to find a hairdresser I love when I get to the other end)
Do GHD’s work in Dubai?
Where are the instructions for the central heating in my apartment (new tenant will need these)
Can I still download the Jonathan Ross podcast each week from the Radio 2 website (I am officially old)
How different exactly is the TV situation out there: Lost/Britain’s Next Top Model/The Apprentice are priorities for my viewing.

I’ve never been a brilliant sleeper, you can imagine the state of my sleep at the moment! It’s really not easy being a girl.

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