Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beirut, Baby!

So, I'm planning a quick jaunt over to Beirut. I'll be honest, before I moved to the Middle East it wouldn't have been on my list of possible destinations. Any news of Beirut was mainly focused on their troubles. But since moving here that's changed - Beirut is the party capital of the ME, don't you know.

There's a huge Lebanese population in Dubai, and in my agency, so I have a plethora of top tips/places to go/people to meet up with. My main dilemma: outfits. Lebanese girls (and boys, to be fair) take their appearance very seriously. It's standard procedure to come to work in outfits that frankly, I would consider risque even for a big night out. Think scouse, but without the fake tan: cropped tops, strapless tops, one-shoulder tops, skin-tight low-cut jeans, and of course, sunglasses indoors. I'm really going to have to up the ante in the wardrobe department!

As the rule states: What happens in Beirut, stays in Beirut, but you'll get an (edited) update on my return....

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