Monday, September 07, 2009

This Modern World We Live In....

So here’s a thing that’s only happened to me since moving to Dubai. At least once a week, I get completely random friend requests on Facebook. Always from Arab guys. On the odd occasion they come through a mutual friend: which means that some people really do go trawling through other people’s friends…but a lot of the time they are completely random – how do they even find me?

This is my latest request:

I am Hamad from uae

My age is 32 years

Where r u from and where u r live ?

I see ur pic its very nice and u r so cute I like to be good friend with u if u dont mind .. try me :)Have a great day

I mean, the man makes a couple of good points ;), but seriously, call me old-fashioned, does he really expect a response? And who the hell thinks it’s acceptable to contact someone completely randomly like that? I can only surmise, that, as in the case of Mr Abu Dhabi (whose opening line was the classic: I have 57 cars) that this route has worked in the past. Women of Dubai: get a grip!


Dubai Jazz said...

Word up, sister!

Catherine Anne said...

hahahaha - here was I thinking that all this just happened to me! You should see my facebook inbox. Personal favourite:

hey preety girl! Hows life treating you? With me its always ROCK ON! B/w I'm XXX juz moved down to dubai. Orginally comin frm an australian land.Anyhow lets put it this way..... i find u attractive and while m typing u this email i couldnt stoped lookin at ur pic :P There is an special Invitation for you. Would u like to join me at boudoir tom. ? I need a couple hun and m two new in dubai to make galfrnds so m lookin for some hot chik for this cute hunk ;) In return i can invite u for a pool party on this weekend at my villa. DEAL? plus i will offer u some nice bunch of flowers too with some patchi chocolates :P call me if u are ok to go to boudoir with me tom nite 050-XXXXXXX. :)

The fact that I got the same one the next week but with the added invite to his yacht made me laugh... he obviously didn't know he had sent me an email already!!!

KH said...

That is TOO HILARIOUS!!! Mind you, he does have a yacht....:)