Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Knew !?

I can tell, via a nifty piece of kit, how many people read my blog, and it's been comforting to see that number grow from just my mum and friends. Whilst researching the digital sphere for a client and testing out a number of different analytic tools, I realised that my blog has been garnering more attention than I thought - I was quoted in Gulf News earlier this year! It's the biggest English language daily here. I'm not sure how fascinating my musings on the Easter break are, or the mention of the over-sized sunhat, but I'm loving the mention! The link is here and the quote below...

Encroaching beauty
Gulf News Deputy Web Editor Florence Pia G. Yu plunges headlong into the blogosphere to find out what bloggers from the Middle East and beyond have on their minds.

Apart from that, many people blogged about their Easter Sunday experience - mostly about their time off work. wrote she had no complaints. "Despite living in a Muslim country, we, unusually, have been given Easter Sunday off. Meaning a three-day weekend - what a treat!"
The blogger wrote she "snagged a room at the gorgeous Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi. Think white beach, infinity pool, and ultimate luxury. Celebrity gossip magazines are ready, as is enormous beach hat. Bliss!"

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JJFad said...

Britney,you are famous! You made it into Gulf News ... I'm so jealous. mxxxx