Thursday, October 08, 2009

Coming Soon, Honest...the Burj Dubai!

In case I haven't mentioned it enough, the Burj Dubai is right outside my office, and home window. It's a stunning building, not only a feat of engineering but just gorgeous to look at. (Yes, I know not everyone agrees with me on this one!) It's been due to open for ages, but keeps getting delayed, and no wonder: it's absolutely enormous and god knows how many thousands of construction workers are beavering away on a daily basis to try to get it finished.
The powers that be recently decided to put a line in the sand (ahem) and announced that it would open on National Day (December 2nd - also my dad's birthday: hello dad!). National Day is a big public holiday here and everyone gets the day off to celebrate. So it's quite a big deal to say that the beast will be open by then.
I don't often post photos here but here's a couple from my office window. It's stunning. And huge.

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