Sunday, October 04, 2009

Just Another Day at the Office...Not!

There are times when I really love my job, and last week was one of them. No sitting in the office at my desk; instead, heading out to a gaming convention for the day. Yes, I was working (in fact, cleaning floors and dusting down a stand at one point!) but still a fascinating time. I'm not the best gamer in the world - low patience threshold combined with bad hand/eye co-ordination....Buzz is the only game that I can win every time.
My client had flown in the art director and developer of their latest wow game Eye Pet. It's far too hard to explain but basically you create/play/look after a virtual pet, via a camera which sits on top of the tv screen. Here's a video from the event which shows the game in action - it's in Arabic but you'll get the jist. You might even see a certain Britney in the background!

Chatting to the developer and watching them play the game was just insane. Their brains work in a completely different way to anyone that I've met before. And talking of cool jobs, after creating the game, these guys tour the world demonstrating it. A hard life!

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