Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daddy Knows Best

Never too old to be a.....
I have a particularly wonderful friend here who has recently come back into my life after re-surfacing post-baby.  She's one of a kind: half Egyptian, half German, which makes for an interesting mix of crazy arab and detailed gerry.  She's sassy and streetwise and nothing about her is conventional.  Her lovely husband is a blonde cool Kiwi who is a giant ray of positivity. 

Sassy Streetwise chick headed to Goa last weekend to party with her friends, leaving her beautiful nine month old daughter with her husband - and why not?  Share and share alike...

I was with her today when she was re-counting tales of her adventures to two guys from the advertising agency.  Both are young, Syrian, western-educated, wearing the newest kicks and smartest street-styles: i.e they are cool.  As she told the story one of them spotted the obvious flaw in the plan. 

"Hang on a minute" he said.  "Haven't you just had a baby?  What did you do with her?"

"Well obviously I left him with my husband," she retorted.

Cool Syrian guy was literally open mouthed.  Flabbergasted.  Couldn't speak for a few seconds.  He didn't regain his composure at all.  As someone whose dad was an integral part of my life when growing up, from nappy changing to Christmas collage creation (hello dad!), his reaction was a bit of a shock to me.

"THAT," retorted Sassy Streetwise chick as we strolled away laughing, "is why I didn't marry an Arab."

I'm just saying.......

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