Monday, February 14, 2011

Time Out

Exciting news: this week we have a public holiday: Prophet Mohammed's birthday, and we get a day off to celebrate.  When you work as hard as we do (and yes I KNOW I am not going down a mine every day, but sometimes it feels like it) you embrace these small oases of loveliness and make lots of plans.  Our options thus far have been:
  • Picnic in the park
  • Day by the creek - abra rides, strolls and lunch by the water
  • Lunch at a variety of beautiful restaurants (outdoor)
  • Beach
  • Beach
  • Beach
Not a bad list to choose from, really!  Given the recent cooler weather in Dubai, we're not entirely sure that beach is an option, so we've agreed that alarms are set at 9 am on Thursday. If it's blue sky and sunshine, we're getting heavily involved in bikinis, celebrity trash and sundowners.  It's been way too long since the bacofoil bikini got an airing.  Off to pray for sun....

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