Monday, February 21, 2011

Take Me Away From All This....

Should I run away and join the circus?!
I just ate for the first time today. Time-check: approx 4 pm.  It's days like these when I long for an escape from being a wage slave.  Many years ago, when in the first throws of agency life, working 14 hour days, dry heaving in the car park as so stressed before work, and generally being run into the ground (hello House of Pain survivors!) I read this book.  It's extremely interesting; chronicling a variety of people who made a drastic career change, and what subsequently happened to them. The problem I had with the book was that there were no hard and fast answers.  I'm a solutions and actions kind of gal, so a summary of  "it works for some people, it doesn't for others" didn't really help my thought process.

As I ran downstairs to fetch an over-priced Costa sandwich (almost 5 quid, uk peeps, and it wasn't THAT good), I took advantage of the 4 minutes I had to myself without emails, calls and general pestering, and let my mind wander to alternative careers that I might enjoy.  The short-list:
  • Zoo-keeper: Yes I KNOW I bang on about this all the time, but it really was THE most fabulous day ever.  Downside: These days to even be considered you have to have a medical degree.  I do not fancy studying biology for 3 years to spend the following 3 shoveling shit, however lovely the animals are.  Also: Not many zoos in this region.
  • Hotel Receptionist: I spend much of my time on the phone, being nice to unpleasant people.  Surely not that much difference in the roles?  I also have great teeth for smiling at people all day long.  Downside: The uniforms.
  • Train Conductor: Lots of forms, lots of people to co-ordinate.  Making sure trains run on time.  Sounds familiar....Downside: No trains in this region.
  • Dog Groomer: This was oft discussed by me and the Sass PR babes: cute dogs, and being around animal type people all day who are usually bonkers ie great fun.  Downside: A glut of these in Dubai.  Potential biting issues.
  • Squirrel Trainer: I was reminded of this when recently re-watching the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. have you ever seen anything more hilarious! Downside: No squirrels in this region.  Potential biting issues as above.
  • PA: Extremely organised, making lots of bookings, dealing with difficult people and managing a diary like a menace.  hello,this is me every day!  Downside:  No desire to mother a grown man.
  • Artist: Back in the day I was all over art, and was always painting or drawing.  When time became more critical I limited these creative expressions to customizing my various apartments with homemade artworks.  Since moving to the Twilight Zone it's been lacking in my life.  Downside: Do I have to wear tie dye clothing and survive on a diet of gruel and hummus?
So, those are the options.  Not sure whether to be inspired or defeated.  Maybe the women in this region have the right idea: hold out for a rich husband to take you away from your life of stress and chaos.  Or as they also do, get married at 22 and let your life become stressed and chaotic for a whole host of other reasons!  In the time it's taken me to write this another 45 emails have arrived.  Best dash....

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