Monday, February 21, 2011

Medical Training

What's not to love?!
You may remember that I am one of those odd people who doesn't have their tv connected.  I say odd as I am often greeted by blank faces when I reveal this.  TV in this region is utter tosh, and very expensive to boot, so I gave up on it a long time ago.  Don't faint, I still have a tv and a dvd player, which means I basically get to choose exactly what I want to watch, when I want to watch it.  This has meant much rummaging through boxed sets, and also means that my apartment is an oasis of peace and quiet a lot of the time - I can't do the reflex action of switching on the tv as i walk in through the door.  It's bliss, really.  Friend of a friend recently took the step of removing their tv from the lounge all together and putting it in a separate tv room.  All over this decision.

Anyway, this month's obsession has been....E.R.  L got the entire boxed set for Christmas (that's 15 seasons, folks!) and we've been steadily working our way through them. I watched them all the first time around, but as they first aired in 1994, it's safe to say my memories are a little hazy.  Let's just say I partied hard at university!  It's been a complete treat to watch and I'd almost forgotten just how much I loved the show.  This group obsession has meant that our catch ups always involve a conversation about what's going on, who's with who, who's died, collapsed, been attacked etc.  We're casually dropping medical terminology into all of our chats over vino, and barking "give me the bullet" as we sit down to gossip. 

If you're a fan (and apologies if not, this will all seem super banal to you) I've just finished season 5.  Mark Greene's dad just died, and Carter survived a near fatal stabbing.  I've got through almost a whole roll of kitchen roll due to sobbing (why don't I have tissues?) and have stayed up way too late on many occasions as I just can't stop watching.  I swear I heard my ovaries squeak during scenes involving Doug Ross and small children.  I know the worst is yet to come as Dr Greene doesn't die until season 8. However the Clooney does make a reappearance in Season 15, so worth holding on.

Hmm maybe I should take a break.  I do sound a little obsessive.  Anyone have any boxed sets to recommend?!

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